How Does It Really Work?

So how will it work and what can you earn?

Initially the party plan vehicle will be our own branded ‘Ezecook’ cookware range, endorsed and demonstrated by chef Nigel Smith and follow the traditional party plan practice of 2 x 45 min to 1 hr max parties a week, working that same system with Kleeneze and achieving a low sales average of £250 per party (we already have distributors running parties with regular Kleeneze products achieving averages of £600+) would create sales of £2000 a period (4 Weeks) earning you a minimum £580, not a bad part time wage.
But if you’re ambitious and wish to, you could now move it to the next level by showing just 4 other people, probably from your party guests, how to earn £580+ a month for themselves, you now have a £10,000 sales group, earning you around £1200 to £1500 every 4 weeks and still only working part time, creating 2 similar groups alongside your initial small team would take your 4 weekly earnings to £2400+, these earnings are ‘residual’ meaning you get paid regardless of what you personally do, go away on holiday you still get paid and there is no limit on earnings.
CLICK HERE to join us in Birmingham and collect your 2 FREE tickets and your FREE priority place in this exciting new programme at the official launch in the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham on 7th January (one ticket for you and another for any partner you also wish to pre-register).
By registering your interest on this site you will be under no obligation to join at launch or pay any money, but it will give you the opportunity to invite others to join at this pre-launch stage and see what it’s all about.
Please feel free to call or EMAIL me at any time with any questions about this new opportunity.

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