What an amazing Ezeparty Launch

Yesyerday, EzeParty was officially launched.

The day was absolutely amazing. We had more than 3000 distributors and guests all on the edge of their seats waiting for the information we were all waiting for since we heard that Ezeparty was planned and then went into pre-launch.

The company have run a trial with a select group of distributors. These proved to be absolutely amazing and i will share these results in a future post.

The whole network is in a buzz about Ezeparty. It will transform the businesses of distributors who decide to take this amazing new Partyplan concept on board. It is also an amazing ground floor opportunity, backed by a massive british plc company, for anybody who is looking for an extra income on a part time basis, along side a current job or have a complete change in career and enjoying the feeling of getting paid to party.

Kelly and I, currently Gold Distributors, will coach you to whatever income you desire. You can be an amazing addition to our team and together we will get the best training in the industry by very succesful people with decades of party plan experience.

Jackie White was the first party planner in the U.K. to build a team of 100 distributors. Jackie has already played a massive part in our business and she is an awesome coach and friend.

More information and YouTube videos about this amazing opportunity will follow soon, so make sure you subscribe to free updates on this blog.

Thank you for taking the time to read, and we look forward to working with you.

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