EzeParty – Information from the Launch

As promised, here are some further information regarding EzeParty which was launched at the NIA in Birmingham on 7 January 2012

Lisa revealed that there will be a 4-Part Host Reward Program worth over £700. This will be a fantastic incentive to your host for hosting a party.

Have a look at our Opportunity Brochure.

EzeParty's EzeCook Demonstration Table

Example of an EzeParty Demonstration Table

Sales Director Lisa Burke officially launches our new Party Plan opportunity, EzeParty, at the NIA in Birmingham. Also introducing ‘Queen of the Road’, Nadine Ward. Essential viewing for anyone looking to earn a serious income.

Jackie white tells us how Kleeneze is going from strength to strength, featuring Helen Walsh who shares with us her experiences of the EzeParty trial.

Your next step is to get in contact with us. Leave us your details at our Distributor Recruitment Website or give us a ring on either 01223 850 111, or free from a land line on 0800 6 123 247.

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What an amazing Ezeparty Launch

Yesyerday, EzeParty was officially launched.

The day was absolutely amazing. We had more than 3000 distributors and guests all on the edge of their seats waiting for the information we were all waiting for since we heard that Ezeparty was planned and then went into pre-launch.

The company have run a trial with a select group of distributors. These proved to be absolutely amazing and i will share these results in a future post.

The whole network is in a buzz about Ezeparty. It will transform the businesses of distributors who decide to take this amazing new Partyplan concept on board. It is also an amazing ground floor opportunity, backed by a massive british plc company, for anybody who is looking for an extra income on a part time basis, along side a current job or have a complete change in career and enjoying the feeling of getting paid to party.

Kelly and I, currently Gold Distributors, will coach you to whatever income you desire. You can be an amazing addition to our team and together we will get the best training in the industry by very succesful people with decades of party plan experience.

Jackie White was the first party planner in the U.K. to build a team of 100 distributors. Jackie has already played a massive part in our business and she is an awesome coach and friend.

More information and YouTube videos about this amazing opportunity will follow soon, so make sure you subscribe to free updates on this blog.

Thank you for taking the time to read, and we look forward to working with you.

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Launching in 2012

One of the most exciting party plan propositions combined with a great MLM compensation plan will be launched on 7th January 2012. Kleeneze a company widely accepted as having some of the highest earning pay and rewards plan in the direct sales industry – is now in PRELAUNCH for Party Plan style marketing.

Already a very successful Network marketing business with 88 years of trading has distributors earning in excess of £50K pa. Now we can offer all party planners the big incomes too!

As part of our pre-launch, not only are we able to offer you a priority FREE place in the programme but also 2 FREE tickets to join us at the official launch at our Showcase Event in the National Indoor Arena at Birmingham on 7th January (one ticket for you and another for any partner you also wish to pre-register).

By registering your interest with us you will be under no obligation to join at our launch or pay any money, but it will give you the opportunity to invite others to join at this pre-launch stage and see what it’s all about.

What Will I Get?

A Competative Host Reward Program,

A Product Kit, A Party Plan Catalogue,

Host Material,

Dedicated Party Plan Distributor Ordering Website and

A Payment System So Card Payments Can Be Made By Party Guests

Register Your Interest Here

Once registered, we will send you an e-mail from where you can invite friends, family or colleagues.  If you invite them, they will be part of Your Own Team.

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